Anglais pour bébé et maman (ou papa!)

Mum (or dad) baby classes

It's not too early to learn another language, in fact before baby is 36 months is the perfect time to expose baby to a foreign language. Why? Because they are more keen to learn than ever and like a sponge they soak up everything.


This means that exposure to English as a baby gives your little one a very high chance of speaking English quickly and without an accent! 

Our courses are for babies and toddlers from 6 months-24 months. Courses are playful and fun using images, sounds and so much more. Your child will be exposed to everyday vocabulary: food, animals, colours, etc. All in English.

Sessions will include the following: music, nursery rhymes, singing, dancing, storytelling, puppets, bubbles and games.

All fun and educational!!

Live classes with professional English teacher, Liz featuring her baby! It's a safe way to get together, but will feel like we are in the same room!


Every Monday 10h45 

Wednesday 10h15

Thursday 11h00

Session duration: 20 mins

Tariff for baby/toddler with mum or/and dad ou nounou!

Try us! 3 sessions once a week 35 euros

6 sessions once a week 63 euros

 12 sessions once a week 120 euros

Start young. It makes a HUGE difference! boost your child's brain power, build confidence and enhance speech development.

Learning English has many benefits. It really is a valuable skill.

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